Films for Education


The BP Video Library holds a range of films produced specifically for or with a potential application, to training and education. This part of the collection - which spans a period of over 50 years - covers a diverse range of subjects: from road safety for children ('Living with Traffic'), to basic hydrocarbon chemistry ('Chemistry of Oil', 'Modern Oil Refinery'); from the history of oil exploration ('Challenge of the Arctic', 'In the land of Shah'), to geophysics and seismology ('This Earth - The Search Within', 'Station 307'). The History of the Motor Car (a set of six films produced in the late 1970s) remains hugely popular with enthusiasts, as does the 1960s natural history series 'Our Natural Heritage' which examines the flora and fauna of Britain.



The famous cartoonists Halas & Batchelor made several films for BP in the 1950s: 'Down a Long Way' (on petroleum), 'We've Come a Long Way' (on tankers), 'Speed to the Plough' (an animated film outlining the historical development of farm machinery from the seed drill through to the tractor) and 'Power to Fly' which covers the history of flight.