How to search for footage


Search the online database by using either keyword search or clicking on featured content.


BP users

Click on BP Users and enter NT ID 

Footage clips can be downloaded direct to your desktop for use in presentations, powerpoints etc. Click on "Add a clip". Set your Mark In and Mark Out points and then Request Download. The clip can then be downloaded to your desktop.


For production companies requiring full-resolution footage 


1.  Make a note of the tape or clip ID number & title of the footage which interests you, together with any relevant time code references.


2. Contact us via email  to discuss the footage, licensing details and rates.  We may request an outline treatment of the proposed production at this stage.


3.  If you decide to purchase footage, a Request Form will be emailed to you and we will require the following details:

  • Producer name, telephone and email address
  • Production company name and address
  • The tape name/ID and timecode references of the footage you would like
  • Your invoicing details
  • If you are producing a BP-commissioned programme we will ask for details of your client.


4. When your programme is finished please confirm with us the duration of the BP-owned footage used.  We will send you a license agreement to sign and issue the final invoice.


Users are reminded that unlicensed publishing or distribution of content accessed through this portal via video sharing websites (including but not limited to: You Tube, Facebook, Flickr etc) is strictly prohibited. All content is under copyright restriction.